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2012-12-21 14:32:08 by mikailus

Nothing happened today.

As Mr. Popo would say to all those who fell for the 2012 hoax-shit:


New Pic

2010-11-20 19:53:59 by mikailus

Tweaked only the contrast. Calm down, folks.

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New Photogs

2010-09-14 03:54:25 by mikailus

Not Toronto. With my medium format camera.

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Waging a War

2010-02-20 16:46:07 by mikailus

It's been long since my last turd was flung over the fence into this place. Time to act.

It's been tough trying to find work lately, so I'm going to need some help. Part of that involves the arts, and the tablet I've got isn't worth shit compared to this one. I'm planning on trying to save up for that plus a new computer. However, I've been tangled up in some rank legal shit involving false accusations, corrupt cops, shitty lawyers, missing and falsified evidence, and other things that turned into a legal quagmire that I've been battling on my own for over two years. It's not pretty. My mind and body has been drained of energy, strength and will. Up here in Canada, since we have a monarchy, everything's deliberately complicated. So what to do apart from spending time on here and watching animations and the YouTubes? I'd rather create and draw, recover from this and gather strength as I fight off this hellish nightmare that's lasted for over three years. I try putting on a good face but it's getting harder and harder to hold on.

Yes, I'm asking for money. Yes, I need a job. I'd rather write, draw and make things than anything else, and I need good tools. Let's raise $1000 or more to fetch this lovely thing.

First off, donate to your local charity to help haiti. Visit www.redcross.com or www.redcross.ca (for Canadians).

Second, file away some donations in my direction through PayPal at mikailus@canoemail.com and send it as a gift.

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to start making some political buttons to sell online first. Laters.

New Flash

2009-12-17 06:52:25 by mikailus

Take a look.

Meanwhile, one of my voice artists have been taking too long.

It's here.

2009-11-08 11:48:13 by mikailus

Glenn has touched Newgrounds again... inappropriately... again.

*sigh* Someone get either a cop or a samurai sword.

New Flash

2009-11-05 14:01:59 by mikailus

Glenn Beck lip synching finished. Now tweaking it, going to add visual effects, and a soundtrack.

Await the horror.

New Flash

Happy Madness Day!!!

2009-09-23 01:37:21 by mikailus

Here's a collab that I contributed to. Check it how here and now.

What I'm Working On Right Now

2009-09-18 22:24:44 by mikailus

Got some actors for either one of them. Hope they go through. OBSERVE!!!

EDIT: Better pic, this time.

What I'm Working On Right Now

Where are the Canadians?

2009-08-29 22:56:16 by mikailus

Apathy is the destroyer of nations, a means of suicide for a country by its people. Canada is such a country, plagued with indifferent citizens who know nothing about themselves. Even online, it is difficult to tell whether someone is Canadian, and it is assumed that almost everyone online is either an American or Chinese. We have endured peace for too long, and have grown disdained and weary of the ugly form of government that is the victim of its own success. I, of course, am no believer of conspiracy theories that are so wide yet so ridiculous, irrational and self-contradictory. I am not a fan of David Icke or Alex Jones. I don't believe in an Illuminati or twelve-foot, flesh-eating lizards that live in burrows under earth. I especially believe that Obama (though not Canadian and certainly none of my business) is born American, and I find the concept of the New World Order to be utterly stupid, though I would oppose such a concept if it were real as I oppose NAFTA, FTA, NATO and our beloved monarchy. Though I do believe that people can gypped and duped through spoonfeeding into inaction, which is what our government has done to prevent any real kind of progressive change. We, the Canadians, have no culture to the point of which no one bothers to identify themselves as such. "Canadians. What relevance do they have?" Our system is responsible for this apathy, this assumption of assimilation without "being American." We have no culture because our government has been set up as a nanny state since Confederation. The phrase "peace, order and good government" sounds like the motto of a police state. And there are the obnoxious hooligans who are blindly loyal to their country no matter the flaws. It is necessary for a people to criticize their own country, and it is our right.

More than three-quarters of the total population know diddley-shit about their own government or history. We are, in reality, not a country but a weak, divided, poor and ignorant colony of Britain, conquered land taken from our Aboriginal and Francophone brethren in humanity, who are seen by the rest of Canada, from almost every province and territory, not as citizens but as mere trophies of conquest. Because of this, the elite has committed a coup, taking advantage of the low turnout that occurs whenever the politicians take advantage of their excessive powers. Canadians fail to see the instability for our system, yet fail to bring their politicians to account. The urge for government reform is low save for the anarchists and socialists, whose aim of reform is misguided. They fight for social justice without first fighting for political reform. Even they, the darkly cloaked and the red bandana, know nothing of what form of government runs Canada. There is no democracy (the modern sense) since monarchy has never been democratic. We've been not as fortunate as our Southern cousins, who had the courage to rise up from the tyranny of King George III. Unlike us, who retain Britain's crown and some of her laws and customs, America is completely and truly independent with its own system formed from learning lessons from history and ideas of the Enlightenment. We, Canadians, however, deem any true democracy as un-Canadian, and thus cling to what is distinctly British, which is its crown, by the breast. The assumption that Canada keep the monarchy and that if we became a republic we'd become an American is childish, stupid and irrational. We're a tethered 36-year-old that still lives in his parent's basement, bitching about how our brother simply ran off to become a success despite its own issues that America should deal with. While most Americans are, despite intelligence level, appreciative of their own history and form of government, Canadians have nothing to say, but simply go to other countries to contribute because there's nothing in Canada, thanks to our ties to Britain's throne. It's to the point that Canadians rarely identify themselves. When I attempted to find Canadians a la the "Canadian rally point", only fourteen showed up. At the same time, the best Canadians can come up with is "I'm Canadian! Woo-hoo!" And that's it. We've never been to space, the closes being that we built a metal arm anyone could have created. It's not that innovative, and we've failed at innovation since our government discourages innovation in an effort to prevent Canadians from doing the unspeakable:

call for the abolition of the monarchy and establish real independence.

It is a horror to the elite and to the obnoxious Canadian who can't think of anything else except hockey, beer and an unending hatred of Francophones and Aboriginals. We are afraid of Quebec leaving not because they're part of the country (and have never been treated like such) but because we're afraid of losing our trophies. We are content with the abuses visited against Aboriginals, thinking they're better off isolated from civilization and left in poverty, domestic violence, crime and other paths to the hospital, the prison or the morgue. No one protested the closure of Parliament by the Governor General, a representative of our monarchy that lives across the ocean, without its own consent. When King Charles I did that to the English Parliament, his country plunged into two civil wars that ended with his head gone and a short-lived yet flawed republic established. Canadians? We've done nothing but sit on our hands and bitch, divided between Harper and the Coalition. Personally, I would have felt equally incensed if the Coalition was in power and decided to close down Parliament for the sake of politics. It doesn't matter who's the government or the Prime Minister.

Canadians have been brainwashed to the point of such humility, that we can't nor want to find other Canadians online and form groups of Canadians that stick together. We can't, since we are internally divided, held together by bandages, string and weak glue. We're scattered online across the internets, unwilling to band together and instead indulging in foreign play, doing nothing to contribute to Canada, nor fighting for what really matters, such as ending the Crown, which is not even British but German, whose family members cooed with the likes of Hitler before that fanatical Austrian peasant's attempt to realize his delusions. Nationalism has not died but has been defused ever since our form of government took a dark turn in the 1980's, continuing to today. Canadians failed to realize the dark side of monarchial government, of mimicking Britain's model of government. And must fight it. Provincial and national level. Canadians must awake and band together for not America or Britannia but Canada!